Xander @ Ownage Binds

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Xander @ Ownage Binds

Post  Xander on Tue Jul 29, 2008 3:24 pm

bind f5 say "^!:.^+oh my xnd^!.:^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&@134

bind f6 say "^$-|^7Xander^$2^7Know^$|-^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^&@44

Add them to your txt if your in clan or know me.


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Re: Xander @ Ownage Binds

Post  Paap on Wed Jul 30, 2008 10:13 am



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